Learning to code can be tough. No matter what’s your level, or if you’re improving your skills for a tech interview or for launching your new product, there are problems that will take you months to be overcome. Here’s where Codementor can help: the platform gives you access to live 1-on-1 help from expert developers for affordable rates. We love products like these, that we can help communicate through both stylised geometrical flat designs and emphatic character illustrations, We had a lot of fun showcasing all the major problems that happened at least once in the life of every developer: missing brackets, incomprehensible error messages, infinite loops (not the address), and the embarassing moment when a debug messages goes live without your consent. We hope you’ll enjoy too!

STUDIO: Ilenoliukgo
CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Ilenia Notarangelo
COPYWRITER: Luca Gonnelli
ART DIRECTOR: Cristina Pasquale
ANIMATION: Miriam Palopoli
SOUND DESIGN: Miriam Palopoli

Likes: 742

Viewed: 13736


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