Qualities of an entrepreuership

The  Entrepreneur is  a person who takes a risk in order to engage in bisuness activity for a profit.  The entreperneurs are the ones who have an inherited qualitis to do business and who develop the skills and attributes that is needed in order to servive in the competitive market place.

The market place where the products and the services are exchange for a price, expects nothing but the best quality products and the services  for the best price the comsumers are willing to pay.

In order to  provide the demands of the market place the entrpreneurship must adheres to the certain qualities.  These can be categorise in to 3 steps.  One is  Characteristic, another is attributes, other is the skills.

The Charatersitics are as followes

Self confidence- The entrepereur should be very confidendant about himself and should trust himor herself in order to face the day to challengs.

Take risk-  The entrepereuers must be able to take calculated risks base on the opportunities that they get.

Good work ethics- In order to safe gaurad the good name of the  business enterpereurship must be able to have good work ethics.

Relaxation- The sterrful situations and the hard work need to be offset by the relaxation activities.

Good with money- Needless to say a good business men has to find out the value of the money.

The attributes,

Hardwork- The hard work is one thing a entrepreneurship  face day to day. The long hours and the busy  workload  must be taken care of.

persistant- The never say die attitude is the norm,  a  busines person should have. Learning from mistake and going ahead with the winning goals  will definitly give an edge.

Creative- The creativity which is needed to get a edge over the competition and the to develop new businessess and introducing a new ways to the business  can be very useful.

leardership quality- In order to motivate and have a long term goals and work for the vision of the company,  entrepreneurship  must have the leardership qualities.

The skills

Administrative – to maintain and operate the business the entrepreuers administrative skill must be develop.

sales and marketing skills- The cutomer is the king rule and getting  and retaining the customers to the business is develop by the sales and the marketing skills.

Financial know how- The capacity to understand the and to adheres to the financial products and services and the management of it also a quality a entrepreuership look in to.

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