Women entrepreneurship

The status of Women Entrepreneurs and need for providing them

With basic entrepreneurship education for socio-economic empowerment.



In the present globalised scenario ,women entrepreneurs are playing important role in sustaining economic development and social progress .though women entrepreneurs potential has not been tapped due their lower social status .The government through its Five Year Plans has ensured development of  women entrepreneurship in india.With liberalization of economy in 1991 women entrepreneurs in Ranchi and in Jharkhand had various opportunities in the field of beauty and health care ,professions like chartered accountants ,education with opening of play schools and running lodges and girls hostels,boutiques,travel agencies and cafes in different localities of Ranchi.Some of prominent women entrepreneurs are Arti  verma ,Ranchi’s women architect .She  started her firm in 2001 with two clients and she has own firm associated with big projects.Anjali Jain  is a renowned chartered accountant ,who initially did not get client because she was women professional .But now she runs her own firm which has turnover of 15 to 20 lakhs per year. Sangeeta Raj and Geeta Das are successfully running schools in Ranchi.

Nisha Tulsiyan has earned the distinction of being the only womenentrepreneur of Dhanbad,successfully running a bakery business .She also teaches girls and women the art of cooking so that they get employment and are able to earn their living .

Women entrepreneurs in unorganized sector in rural area run small tea shops ,are fruit and vegetable vendors in Haat Bazaars of Mandar,Brambe,Kanke ,Murgu etc villages of Ranchi district.

Factors influencing Women Entrepreneurs.

The following are major factors influencing women entrepreneurs.

  • Economic independence.
  • Self-identity
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-motivation
  • Achievement of Excellence
  • Developing risk  taking ability
  • Equal status in society.
  • Greater freedom and mobility.

 Prospects for Women  Entrepreneurs.

Women are economic force to reckon with in rural as well as in urban areas contributing in their own way to the economic growth of the country and raising their social status in their household,villages,cities,towns and communities.

In the present global economy the women entrepreneurs have several opportunity.They require help from Government and Self Help Groups in terms of financing and training in business so that their creative ideas are realized  and emotional support and confidence from the family and society.

But they are certain drawbacks  which has to be taken care off.They lack credit facilities from banks ,basic education in business and marketing opportunities for their products.

To conclude in other words we can say emancipation or empowerment of women is essential prerequite for economic development and social progress of the nation in this era of globalization .

Significance of study

To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, “An entrepreneur is an entrepreneur is an entrepreneur,” and it should not matter what size, shape, color, or sex the entrepreneur might be. If so, good research on entrepreneurs should generate theory applicable to all. While research shows similarities in the personal demographics of men and women entrepreneurs, there are differences in business and industry choices, financing strategies, growth patterns, and governance structures of female-led ventures.


Interviews from rural and  urban women entrepreneurs of Ranchi district.

Source by soni

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